Star brite’s New Product Eliminates Mold Odor

October 8, 2013

Star brite MDG Mold/Mildew Odor Control Bags

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Water damage that results in mildew is one thing in common with storms. Hurricanes, tropical storms, torrential rainstorms and tornadoes all leave huge amounts of water in their wake, which soon results in mildew, mold and moldy odor. In addition to foul smells, there are health issues to be considered with mold, especially for people with respiratory problems.

Star brite’s new MDG Mold/Mildew Odor Control Bags utilize hospital-proven chlorine dioxide (Clo2) technology in vapor form to eliminate mildew odor at its source, while preventing its recurrence over an extended period of time. Unlike air fresheners that mask odor with perfumes, the deep-penetrating vapor of Mold/Mildew Odor Control Bags thoroughly permeate enclosed areas to reach the bacteria source of odor and eliminate it. Chlorine dioxide systems are used in hospitals, food processing operations, municipal water treatment facilities as well as hotels, schools, cruise ships and other large public areas to disinfect as well as eliminate mold, mildew, virus, bacterial, germs, fungus and more.

EPA-registered (# 87508-2), MDG Mold/Mildew Odor Control Bags are the standard for odor elimination and prevention for the marine industry. The Slow Release version prevents foul odors from forming for up to 90 days, making them ideal for use in cars, boats and RVs being placed in seasonal storage. The Fast Release version works overnight to completely eliminate even the worst odor. The non-toxic formula is safe for use around people and pets, leaving no harmful residue. While Mold/Mildew Odor Control Bags are extremely effective, they are also very easy to use. The “clamshell” unit allows the vapor-dispensing sachet to be located on any flat, stable surface.

For more information, go to http://www.starbrite.com or call (800) 327-8583.

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