MagicRAR Rises to the Tom’s Hardware Challenge

October 21, 2013

MagicRAR completely revamped its compression core, which had placed third in a recent Tom’s Hardware’s review of MagicRAR compared with WinZip, WinRAR, and 7-Zip.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

MagicRAR is a data compression utility for Windows end-users, power users, systems administrators, and large corporate networks. MagicRAR introduces several unique benefits not found in veteran competing products like WinZip or WinRAR These benefits eliminate data compression related IT costs and training, while redefining the possibilities of what may be achieved with data compression utilities.

The magic of MagicRAR is the ability to browse inside 110 different types of archive files, including the ZIP, CAB, RAR, ISO, and 7Z formats, as if they were ordinary file system folders. Especially on large corporate networks where the average user may not be computer literate, this is an indispensable convenience. Double-clicking a file inside an “archive folder” automatically extracts it and launches with the owner application; even offering to update the original copy inside the archive if changes are saved. Dragging and dropping, or copying and pasting files between “archive folders” and the physical file system ‘magically’ compresses and extracts files on-the-fly.

Referring to the recent Tom’s Hardware review of MagicRAR at http://www.magicrar.com/threview.asp, Bernard J. Cartoon of BestofMedia LLC, and parent company of Tom’s Hardware, says “MagicRAR was rated third.” MagicRAR has since mobilized its entire development resources to meet or exceed the performance of the other products used in the review. “Our engineers have risen up to the challenge, and we are now happy to announce that we meet, or exceed, the performance of WinZip, WinRAR, and 7-Zip across the board – and we welcome a rematch with the competition,” observes Simon King of MagicRAR.

In addition to the magic it performs on the data compression front, MagicRAR is also the only compression utility featuring transparent, full disk compression technology – letting users enjoy more free space with no need to decompress files at all. MagicRAR outperforms Windows’s own compression speeds by up to 20 times or more – limited only by the speed of the underlying hardware. MagicRAR also saves two to three times more space than Windows itself, letting users have their cake and eat it too! In fact, Tom’s Hardware also recently used MagicRAR’s full disk compression utility as a benchmark for high-end SSDs in another review at http://www.magicrar.com/tomshardware.asp, where performance was not a concern – not only because the MagicRAR full disk compression utility is already top-notch, but also because it is unique in the entire compression industry.

MagicRAR is also future-proof, thanks to the open source plug-in stack (https://github.com/magicrar) it is based upon. As new archive types are invented, MagicRAR scales instantly to support them as soon as their supporting plug-ins are installed, eliminating the need to find and install multiple archive management applications – just to be able to extract files downloaded from the Internet. As part of its recent compression core upgrade, MagicRAR’s list of supported archive formats has grown from 60 to 110 – almost doubling, and highlighting the benefits of MagicRAR’s plug-in based architecture.


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