Clinical Study Proves On-Off Exercising Is Detrimental and Causes Weight Gain

October 28, 2013

SlimPlate System portion control kit more important than ever as clinical study showed an asymmetric weight loss and gain from on-off exercise.

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) October 28, 2013

An eye opening clinical study performed by The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, involving more than 22,000 people proves once again that dieting trumps exercise for sustained weight loss. Weight-lifting and cardio are great forms of exercise, but this is yet another study that proves that the diet is more a determinant factor for weight-loss success. What it showed was that the initial weight loss effect from exercise was negligible in the initial phase of exercise, and was noted only in a consistent phase of the exercise. Cutting down on exercise for any reason, actually causes weight-gain, which may not be reversed by resuming the exercise regimen again.

Anybody that has ever enjoyed a long-term exercise regimen will admit that from time to time, something always comes-up that prevents or disrupts the routine. Sometimes it’s a holiday, visiting relatives or an illness. Now it is clear that more attention should be paid to a proper diet for a sustainable weight management program. This is what prompted two weight-loss physicians to create The SlimPlate System, which has created quite a buzz on the weight-loss forums and blogs.

Ever since The SlimPlate System website was launched, there has been a steady increase in site traffic, and has resulted in reams of favorable customer success stories. What is it that sets this weight-loss system apart from all others? One thing is that total caloric intake is not as important as portion control. It uses the body’s own mechanisms in combination with foods to create a steady surge in metabolic activity. Based around a daily five-meal regimen, in combination with systematic portion control, this easy to follow plan does not require the user to make any lifestyle changes or sacrifices to lose weight.

During a recent interview, Sandeep Grewal, M.D., one of the co-inventors of The SlimPlate System made these comments: “The Berkeley Study clearly points us in the direction of diet, with exercise as an ancillary activity. Portion control by means of our unique tableware and “Cutting Rings” makes dieting a simple task. People are delighted to hear that they can eat the same old foods, just at more frequent intervals using controlled portions.”

He goes on to explain that all a user has to do is keep food items within the clearly delineated colored lines on the tableware. No more looking up foods on calorie tables or weighing foods in order to achieve proper portion control. The SlimPlate System solves the problems of portion-control by including a set of cups, plates, bowls and a set of high-tech Portion Control Cutting Rings. Now it is uncomplicated to create a plate with the correct amount of fruits, grains, vegetables and proteins in each meal.    

The tableware has clearly delineated colored lines which make it easy to serve the correct amount of each food group. Even a sandwich or pancake can be portion-controlled by simply placing one of the exclusive Portion Control Cutting Rings over the food item and pressing down to create the perfect portion size.

The SlimPlate System was invented by two world-renowned weight-loss experts. Dr. Nwe is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine. She co-founded the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center with Dr. Grewal. Sandeep Grewal, M.D. is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and was the recipient of The Charlotte Business Journal’s Healthcare Innovator Award for 2012, and also named to the Top Forty Under Forty List in 2013.

For complete information on weight-loss through four step portion-control process, visit: The SlimPlate System

To read the complete study visit: Research News Feb 2008

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