OxyElite Pro Lawsuits Due To Alleged Liver Failure, Liver Damage Or Liver Problems From Recalled Supplements Being Reviewed by Wright & Schulte LLC

November 12, 2013

According to the FDA, an OxyElite Pro Recall Has Been Issued for All Lots and Sizes of OxyElite Pro Dietary Supplements, Following Reports of Liver Failure, Severe Liver Injury, and Non-Viral Hepatitis, Including Some Requiring Liver Transplant and One Death, Linked to Use of the “Fat-Burner” Products.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced harmful drug law firm representing individuals injured by defective drugs and dietary supplements, is now investigating OxyElite Pro side effect lawsuits on behalf of consumers who suffered severe liver injuries, including liver failure, liver damage, liver problems and non-viral hepatitis, allegedly due to OxyElite Pro “fat-burner” dietary supplements. According to a posting on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) website, all lots and sizes of OxyElite Pro have been recalled nationwide following reports of liver failure and other severe liver injuries, including some that required liver transplants and at least one death, among consumers who used OxyElite Pro.

(fda.gov/food/recallsoutbreaksemergencies/outbreaks/ucm370849.htm, FDA, November 9, 2013

OxyElite Pro Liver Failure, Liver Damage, And Hepatitus May Be Side Side Effects Reports FDA

According to the FDA, OxyElite Pro is a dietary supplement sold as a “super thermogenic fat burner” that purportedly enhances the fat burning and muscle building benefits of working out. According to the agency, at least 56 cases of severe liver injury, liver failure and acute non-viral hepatitis have been associated with use of the product. These cases included 22 hospitalizations, two patients who required liver transplants and one fatality.

OxyElite Pro Recall Notice

According to the OxyElite Pro recall notice, this dietary supplement contains Aegeline, a synthesized version of a natural extract from the Bael tree. In a Warning Letter dated October 11, 2013, the FDA informed USPlabs LLC, the manufacturer of the supplement, that OxyElite Pro was deemed to be adulterated, as Aegeline was a new dietary ingredient which lacks adequate information to provide reasonable assurance of safety. The FDA letter also informed the company that failure to immediately cease distribution of OxyElite Pro could result in enforcement action by the agency.

(fda.gov/iceci/enforcementactions/warningletters/2013/ucm371203.htm, FDA, October 11, 2013)

Just prior to USPlabs’ announcement of the OxyElite Pro recall, the FDA issued a second letter to the company dated November 6, 2013. According to the FDA, that letter informed USPlabs of findings indicating a link between the use of OxyElite Pro products and a number of liver illnesses. The letter also stated that if USPlabs did not initiate a voluntary OxyElite Pro recall, the FDA could by law order the company to immediately stop distributing the dietary supplements and immediately notify other parties to stop distributing them.

(fda.gov/food/recallsoutbreaksemergencies/outbreaks/ucm370849.htm, FDA, November 9, 2013)

The FDA has advised consumers to discontinue using any dietary supplement products labeled as OxyElite Pro. According to the OxyElite Pro recall notice, the product may be returned to the store where it was purchased for a refund. Anyone who used OxyElite Pro should seek medical attention if they experience possible symptoms of liver injury, including fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, clay colored bowel movements, joint pain, yellow eyes, and jaundice.

(fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm374394.htm, FDA, November 9, 2013)

Products Included In OxyElite Pro Recall

OxyElite Pro Super Thermo capsules

             Two count capsules UPC #094922417275

            10 count capsules UPC #094922417251

            10 count capsules UPC #094922417268

            21 count capsules UPC #094922426604

            90 count capsules UPC #094922395573

            90 count capsules “Pink label” UPC #094922447906

            180 count capsules UPC #094922447852

OxyElite Pro Ultra-Intense Thermo capsules

            three count capsules UPC #094922447883

            three count capsules UPC #094922447876

            90 count capsules UPC #094922395627

            180 count capsules UPC #094922447869

OxyElite Pro Super Thermo Powder

            Fruit Punch 0.15 oz UPC #094922417237

            Fruit Punch 0.15 oz UPC #094922447517

            Fruit Punch 4.6 oz UPC #094922426369

            Fruit Punch 5 oz. UPC #094922447487

            Blue Raspberry 4.6 oz UPC #094922426376

            Grape Bubblegum 4.6 oz UPC #094922447500

                Green Apple 4.6 oz. UPC #094922426499

Filing An OxyElite Pro Side Effects lawsuit Due To liver injury or Damage, liver failure, or non-viral hepatitis

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