Phytomer Solar Collection to Prepare, Protect and Repair Skin this Summer

April 1, 2014

Wide Range of Products Use Marine Sugars to Treat Skin Before, During and After Your Entire Vacation

Saint-Malo, France (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

We’re all aware that the sun is a threat to skin as it can cause sun burns, premature aging, free radical damage and even skin cancer. It’s crucial to practice sun safety and protect skin while enjoying the sun’s rays. PHYTOMER takes sun protection a step farther with options for an entire regime of products that prepare and strengthen skin prior, protect during and repair, sooth and prolong a tan after sun exposure.

A continuous study of the marine environment has allowed PHYTOMER Laboratories to demonstrate the resistance that certain algae have to the harmful effects caused by overexposure to UVA and UVB rays.

Through biomimicry, PHYTOMER Research h as developed an oligosaccharide extract from the study of these natural phenomena. The oligosaccharide (very small marine sugars) are combined with magnesium and manganese, trace elements that protect from free radical formation, to be used as a key ingredient throughout the solar collection. Marine oligosaccharides offer cellular protection to help block free radical formation, sooth inflammation and increase melanin production for an accelerated and prolonged tan.

Sun Expert Dietary Supplement is the first step in your safe-sun regime. It’s designed to be started one month prior to sun exposure and continued during and two weeks after. This supplement prepares skin using marine beta-caretene to stimulate the skin’s natural tan and a cocktail of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and maintain skin’s normal pigmentation. Sun Serenity Preparing Serum is t o be applied to the face and neck one week before sun exposure as it reinforces the protection of proteins and cellular DNA against UV rays. Sun Solution Sunscreen (SPF 15 or 30) is to be applied to skin 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, with regular reapplication. These sunscreens provide more than protection as marine nutrients work to improve cellular function and trap water into the tissues for an added hydrationg effect.

Sun Soother After-Sun Milk can be applied to the body after sun exposure to calm, cool, protect and hydrate skin. For a powerful moisturizing boost, Sun So other After-Sun Mask is to be applied in a medium layer to the face, neck and décolleté (left on for 5-10 minutes). Soothing marine ingredients work to repair skin cells and fight against premature aging. Finally, Sun Se renity Renewing Tan Enhancing Fluid is de signed to be applied morning and evening for an entire week following sun exposure (before usual skin care cream). It provides a 2-in-1 action to renew/repair skin and enhance/prolong a suntan, strengthening the skin’s barrier.

For more information on PHYTOMER ’s solar collection and/or a list of spas or online retailers who carry the line please email aracker(at)phytomerusa(dot)com.

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