George Flinn, MD, US Senate Candidate (TN), Announces A Workable And Viable Healthcare Plan To Replace ObamaCare

April 23, 2014

Presently, the overpowering question from media sources all across the United States is “Where is the GOP alternative to ObamaCare?” Dr. George Flinn, candidate for US Senate (TN) said, "The Patient Centered Plan accomplishes all of the goals of healthcare reform and keeps patients in control of their medical treatment."

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

The overpowering question from media sources all across the United States George Flinn, MD, noted is “Where is the Republican alternative to ObamaCare?”

Dr. Flinn, a Radiologist from Tennessee said, "Healthcare reform is a major issue in the 2014 mid-term elections. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans support anti-ObamaCare candidates. Republicans want repeal, but have not presented a viable plan to replace Obamacare, until now." Flinn said. "We have now seen the law, and do not like what is in it. The havoc ObamaCare has caused to both the health care delivery requires a solid proposal to replace ObamaCare and the idea of simple repeal is out of the question." Flinn stated.

U.S. Senatorial Candidate, Dr. George Flinn M.D., in proposing an answer, said "After working in the medical field for over 30 years and seeing the changes and negative effects patients experience with ObamaCare, something had to be done. I assembled a team to develop a viable alternative to Obamacare that puts the patients first, where the emphasis in healthcare should be. The Patient Centered Plan makes the patient the priority." Dr. Flinn stated "By promoting real accessible and affordable health insurance for all, and removing the damaging effects of ObamaCare, Patient Centered Health was developed as a viable and workable solution to this healthcare crisis. The Patient Centered Plan promotes principles like portability, owning your own policy, and the expansion of Health Savings Accounts."

"ObamaCare is an unacceptable, unsustainable expansion of government. It has turned the doctor/patient relationship into a government/computer/doctor relationship where the patient gets lost in the system of regulations and rules. Now, it appears that Washington has given up on fighting for our choices in healthcare. Because those in Washington have given up, doesn’t mean that we all have to give up. I am fighting for the healthcare of our children and grandchildren by running for United States Senate on the issue that the Patient Centered Health replace ObamaCare. If we give up on this healthcare issue now, we all lose." Flinn said.

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