Nutragenesis Reports Record-Breaking First Quarter Sales of Sensoril® Patented Ashwagandha Extract

May 2, 2014

NutraGenesis, LLC reports first quarter sales of Sensoril® patented Ashwagandha extract are up significantly over the same period in 2013.

Brattleboro, VT (PRWEB) May 02, 2014

NutraGenesis, LLC is pleased to report Sensoril®, patented Ashwagandha extract, sales for the first quarter of 2014 are up significantly over the same period in 2013. This continues the trend of increasing sales which has occurred over the last five years. The tremendous sales growth is attributed to both new customer acquisitions as well as growth of our long-term customers’ business with Sensoril®. Nutra Genesis is the exclusive North American sales and marketing representative for Sensoril® under license from Natreon, Inc. (New Brunswick, NJ).

“We are delighted to see the results of the first quarter and what it means for Sensoril® sales for the balance of the year,” says V.P. of sales Tiea Zehnbauer, MS. “Sensoril® has been growing at double digits for the past several years. We believe the growth is a reflection of the success our customers are experiencing selling products that contain Sensoril®. The long-term growth is representative of just how much consumer acceptance and satisfaction there is for Sensoril® in the marketplace. Simply put, people want results that they can really feel and Sensoril® delivers,” she added.

Sensoril® possesses multiple health benefits, superior efficacy demonstrated in 8 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials, broad IP status including multiple patents, and a comprehensive safety record. That’s why Sensoril® is the best selling, branded Ashwagandha extract of choice in the North American market. Sensoril® is now used in more than 200 SKUs to help support stress, mental cognition, fatigue-reduction, sleep, metabolic wellness, adrenal function, thyroid function, sports performance, and more.

Sensoril® was developed by Fulbright scholar and renowned Ashwagandha researcher, Dr. Shibnath Ghosal to create a next generation Ashwagandha extract which exceeds conventional root only extracts in efficacy and bioactive content. Sensoril® represents the culmination of the best that Ayurvedic tradition has to offer combined with the most advanced scientific innovations in nutritional technology to produce the safest, most efficacious Ashwagandha extract available. Standardized to a minimum of 10% glycowithanolides, Sensoril® possesses the highest level of adaptogenic bioactives of any Ashwagandha extract sold. Its superior efficacy stems from a patented, extraction process that concentrates health-promoting glycowhithanolide bioactives found in both roots and leaves. The extraction of roots and leaves is unique to Sensoril® and cannot be copied by other manufacturers because the process is patented. This process also ensures that minimal levels of Withaferin A remain in the finished extract. Sensoril® is standardized to contain no more than 0.5% Withaferin A. Withaferin A, an aglycone found in both roots and leaves, does not provide any adaptogenic health benefits.

Sensoril® is rich in a full suite of bioactives and other nutrients which are captured during the extraction process, making it a truly full-spectrum ingredient. Sensoril® has been shown to be well tolerated in human clinical research, is GRAS affirmed, and is non-GMO. Sensoril® has received an Investigation New Drug (IND) number in association with its use in a human clinical trial at the University of Pittsburgh. This indicates that Sensoril’s rigorous safety and toxicity testing has satisfied FDA-approved safety guidelines.

About NutraGenesis: Located in the Connecticut River Valley area of Southern Vermont, NutraGenesis LLC is a diversified nutraceutical product marketing company dedicated to the development and commercialization of proprietary, scientifically researched, health-promoting ingredients. NutraGenesis is the exclusive North American sales and marketing agent for Sensoril®.

About Natreon: Natreon is a 15-year-old company with headquarters in New Jersey, with a diversified portfolio of scientifically researched and clinically studied Ayurvedic ingredients. Sensoril® is protected by U.S. patents 6,153,198; 6,713,092 and 7,318,938; European Patent EP1569669 A2; and Canadian Patent 2,508,478. Sensoril® is a trademark of Natreon, Inc.

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