Narconon Freedom Center Issues New Information Symptoms of Substance Abuse

May 14, 2014

Narconon Freedom Center, a long term drug rehab, issues new symptoms that an individual may be abusing drugs or alcohol.

Albion, Michigan (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

Drug abuse can feel like it sneaks up on you. You think you know your family and friends well. You may know your spouse better than anyone else in the entire world. You are tuned in to all their actions, and when the smallest thing seems “off”, you may wonder what’s going on. When someone starts using drugs, lots of things are going to feel “off”, but you might not realize what is going on at first.

This is why it’s vital to recognize all the symptoms and signs of drug abuse. You have to educate yourself on what drugs do to the human body and how they make a person act. When you know the changes that occur, you can get your loved ones help before it’s too late.

Behavior Changes

One of the earliest signs of drug abuse or alcoholism is the behavioral changes you’ll see in your loved one. They will simply start acting different. They may be going to the bar much more often, or they may always be acting “strange.” For example, they have started showing up late to everything. Instead of just getting to work late once in a while, they are late to work every day and seem “out of it” when they get there.

Or, the person might seem aggressively violent in situations that simply don’t warrant it. The person is getting angry at other drivers and even strangers in public. What is going on? It might be that the person has started using drugs, and one of the first signs is that their behavior has completely changed.

Physical Changes

There are also many physical signs you can watch for. Smoking weed can make your eyes red, and it really does make the user get the “munchies” and want to eat more often, leading them to gain weight. Other drugs can cause the user to have a serious loss of weight, leading them to looking emaciated. Some drugs, such as meth, can even leave the user with serious scars all over their face and skin. If you see any of these strange signs (and the user doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on), it could be a sign of drug use.

Getting your Loved Ones Help

It’s never too early to talk to your friends and family about getting help. There is a false idea floating around in society that you have to wait for the drug user to hit “rock bottom” before they’ll respond to treatment. In actuality, you never have to wait at all. If you have a son or daughter that has tried smoking weed once, you can put an end to it right there. If someone else in your family seems to be becoming an alcoholic, you can get them help before the condition gets worse. You never have to wait.

Talk to Narconon Freedom Center about your concerns and you’ll be able to tell whether or not your loved one is actually suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing what is going on, and you’ll be able to get them into treatment right away. Sooner really is better than later.

Also, over the coming month Narconon Freedom Center will continue to publish new information on the signs and symptoms of various drugs. The center is also launching a drug prevention talk that will be give to the local community on spotting the symptoms of drug abuse and handling them.

It’s incredibly important to be aware of these symptoms, because they’re often the only way to know that a serious problem is occurring in your own home or in your family. No one can afford to let a condition like drug abuse go unhandled. For more information contact Narconon Freedom Center today at http://www.narcononfreedomcenter.org or call 877-362-9682.

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