Vkool.com Releases Their Tips on How To Prevent Constipation In Adults, Toddlers And Infants

June 27, 2014

How To Prevent Constipation In Adults, Toddlers And Infants, a new report on the website Vkool.com uncovers a wide range of healthy diet tips, and advice to prevent constipation naturally and easily.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

How To Prevent Constipation In Adults, Toddlers And Infants, a new report on the site Vkool.com shows easy and simple ways for preventing constipation in adults, toddlers and infants including:

  •     Eat high-fiber foods such as pears, rye bread, kiwi, beans, and prunes.
  •     Avoid foods that can cause constipation including dairy products, chocolate, red meat, caffeine, and bananas.
  •     Making some simple changes to improve people’s diet and prevent constipation.
  •     Stay hydrated: if people use more fibers in their daily diets, they should drink more fluids to help stimulate digestion.
  •     Consider a fiber supplement: if people have troubles in getting fiber from foods, they can take some fiber supplements.
  •     Add more fiber to meals: if people want to add fiber, they can use whole-grain bread, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta.
  •     Consult a doctor before taking laxatives.
  •     Perform daily exercises: exercise will help people get a bowel movement. It also make people’s digestive system stay healthy and active.
  •     Do not overeat: people can eat small meals to help their digestive system work easier.
  •     Avoid eating late, especially at night because the body will have difficulty in digesting.
  •     Limit drinking alcohol: alcohol can dehydrate people, and it can damage to digestive system.
  •     Limit eating cookies and chips in toddlers.
  •     Eat more vegetables, fresh fruits and higher-fiber desserts: vegetables and fresh fruits can help relieve the risk of constipation.
  •     Do not let toddlers eat fried foods: fried foods including onion rings and doughnuts can slow movement through digestive system.
  •     Improve bowel habits of toddlers: people should encourage their children to use bathroom regularly.
  •     Take probiotics: taking probiotics is very important for children to have healthy bacteria in their body.
  •     Remove processed carbohydrates: people should avoid eating refined or processed foods because they can cause imbalance of bacteria in digestive system.
  •     Lubricate intestines with healthy fat foods such as coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, eggs, and avocado.
  •     Drink ginger tea, mint tea, or chamomile tea with a little of honey between meals.
  •     Watch out babies for signs of constipation, and note changes in their frequency of bowel movements.
  •     Keep babies adequately hydrated: staying hydrated is one of the easiest tips to prevent constipation in babies.
  •     Adjust a baby’s solid food diet.
  •     Massage a baby’s stomach.

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