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August 19, 2014

A new article released on the site Vinamy.com entitled ‘Getting the Perfect Body Through the “Miranda Kerr Diet”: Three Easy Steps to Looking like a Supermodel ‘ shows a complete variety of food choices which people can incorporate into their everyday diets to achieve a body like a supermodel.

Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

Miranda Kerr is one of the most popular commercial models in the world because of how she maintains a perfectly beautiful body. However, it is through her current role as a "positive living icon” where she had attained her greatest claim to fame in recent years. In particular, she had been constantly pushing for the message which had motivated her throughout all the years of her career, and that is the notion of women achieving true “empowerment” through healthy eating and dieting. She believes that this mantra will help more women realize their hidden potential similar to how it inspired hers.

A huge component of Kerr’s success has always relied on the way she consumes food. Because of this, many people are also interested in knowing the secret behind her diet not just for health reasons, but also as a way to “empower” themselves, as well. This is why a new article on the subject matter was published recently on Vinamy called ‘Getting the Perfect Body Through the “Miranda Kerr Diet”: Three Easy Steps to Looking like a Supermodel ‘ has been written as a way to guide readers on the easiest ways to follow Kerr’s diet.

The article on the website lists three main foods which Kerr herself had stated she consumes on a daily basis based on her most recent interviews. Specifically, the foods listed on the guide are those that help people satiate their hunger for longer periods of time while helping them sustain their performances at any kind of activity they may engage in throughout that day. Firstly, the article introduces a common kitchen staple in the form of apple cider vinegar as one of the recommended foods for helping one maintain a toned figure. In addition, the stuff can also be used as a conditioning ingredient for the hair if one is also to emulate Kerr’s trademarked wavy hair.

Secondly, the article also lists down the rest of the foods which Kerr was also known to include in her daily meal plans, namely her reliance on “natural” sugar and a minimal intake on foods high on salt content. The reasoning behind this is that sugar, in the form of fruits, actually helps people sustain their activities for the day by providing them with the energy that they will “burn” off eventually. Salt, on the other hand, should be rarely used for food since it has the capability to retain water and, in turn, excess weight.

David Fisher from the site Vinamy.com says of the article: “This guide has proven to be very effective for me since I was aiming to eliminate my extra weight without resorting to pills or medication, and I am glad to say that this article has also instilled the power of positive thinking to improve my relationships with my loved ones.”

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