June 5, 2015

Dream Analyst, David Rivinus, to Lecture on Dream Interpretation

A lecture-demonstration at the New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon, will serve to highlight dream analyst, David Rivinus's theory that there is little difference between dreams and the experiences of our waking lives. After a talk on this unorthodox take on dream interpretation, participants will have an opportunity to try out the simple interpretation techniques.

(PRWEB) June 05, 2015

Dream Analyst David Rivinus to Lecture at New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland Oregon

The New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon has invited dream analyst David Rivinus to give a lecture on the nature of dreams and dreaming. The lecture, entitled “Waking Life: An Expanded Understanding of Dreams,” will take place on June 26th at 7:00 pm in the meeting room adjacent to the New Renaissance Bookshop, proper. The address is 1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97210. There is a $12 admission fee.

The talk will highlight Rivinus’s unorthodox idea that the process of dreaming not only occurs at night during sleep, but continues throughout the day during wakefulness. He asks, “At night we dream, but what about during the day? Are the experiences of our waking lives any different than those scenes that come to us while we sleep?” It is his contention that the unusual or disturbing events that occur during our day-to-day lives are also dreams that can be analyzed and interpreted exactly as if they were more typical dreams that we have at night. During radio interviews, articles, and speaking engagements, Rivinus has touted this belief. He has frequently shown quite convincingly that one can, indeed, interpret the events of one’s waking lives as if they were dreams and come to soul-searching types of understandings based on these interpretations.

The evening at the New Renaissance Bookshop will offer more than a lecture. After the introductory talk, participants will have the opportunity to try a simple, five-step technique for deciphering dreams—both those remembered from sleep, and those that come during the day while “the dreamer” is wide awake. “It’s pretty difficult to come away with a decent command of dream interpretation after only an hour-and-a-half,” he says, “but there will be plenty of time to witness the techniques in action, and to whet one’s appetite for more understanding.” That more in-depth understanding can take place from reading Rivinus’s book “Always Dreaming,” available on Amazon.com, and through Barnes and Noble and the book’s publisher, Ozark Mountain Publishing.

David Rivinus belongs to the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and is a presenter, lecturer, teacher, and dream facilitator with three decade’s experience. For more information, please visit http://www.teacherofdreams.com. The link to the lecture at the New Renaissance Bookshop is https://www.newrenbooks.com/events/june-reg.html#riv.

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