June 18, 2008

Fresh Troops Deployed in Southern Afghan District

Text of report by state-owned National Afghanistan Radio on 17 June

Though around 300 to 400 Taleban fighters have gathered in two areas in Arghandab District of Kandahar Province, the National Defence Ministry officials have reported the deployment of fresh troops to Kandahar Province.

Bakhtar News Agency quoted Gen Zaher Azemi, spokesman for the National Defence Ministry, as saying that more national army soldiers had been sent to Kandahar Province today. In addition, more army soldiers have been stationed in Arghandab District.

He also described the situation in Kandahar Province as normal. Around 300 to 400 Taleban fighters have gathered in Arghandab District and most of them are foreigners.

A group of insurgents approached a national police checkpoint. They called on guards of the checkpoint through a mediator to surrender, but the police showed them a severe reaction. This shows that most of the destructive and terrorist activities are carried out by foreigners who have entered the country.

In line with latest reports, the Taleban destroyed a big bridge in Arghandab District in order to prevent the entry of soldiers into some parts of the district. Local people blame foreign Taleban for most of the destructive activities in Arghandab District.

Originally published by Radio Afghanistan, Kabul, in Dari 1530 17 Jun 08.

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