July 10, 2008

VelvetRevolution.Us: Ex-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman Wants Karl Rove Held in Contempt


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Video of Siegelman Interview Available For The Media

WASHINGTON, July 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today Karl Rove refused to comply with a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee to testify about his involvement in the political prosecution of ex- Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Roves invocation of executive privilege was quickly rejected by the Committee. The question now is whether the Committee will hold Rove in contempt of Congress.

VelvetRevolution.us, a non-profit organization dedicated to clean and accountable government, recently interviewed Mr. Siegelman about this matter. (www.velvetrevolution.us) Mr. Siegelman emphatically stated that Karl Rove directed his political prosecution and he urged everyone to contact their Congress Members to demand that Mr. Rove be held in contempt.

This is a guy who has told Congress that he will not show up under subpoena unless he is not sworn to tell the truth, unless he has the questions in advance, and unless he is assured that nobody is writing down his answers. Now does that sound like somebody who's prepared to tell the truth?

"We won't know the truth until Congress digs it out, and that's why it is so incredibly important that anybody that reads your blog or listens to it or watches it gets on the phone, gets on their computer, or writes Congress and tells them to hold Karl Rove in contempt if he does not show up to testify on July 10th.

"[H]e needs to be held in contempt, needs to be arrested, needs to be brought in and made to sit before Congress and answer questions.

Velvet Revolution has a clip of that interview now on YouTube and it is getting thousands of views. (http://youtube.com/ watch?v=aVOEsipQy1g) The complete 30 minute interview in high resolution is available from VR to members of the media.

SOURCE VelvetRevolution.us

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