July 17, 2008

La Crosse Tribune, Wis., Marc Wehrs Column: Marc Wehrs: Favre Still Musters Support

By Marc Wehrs, La Crosse Tribune, Wis.

Jul. 17--Packers fans can't quite let go of Brett Favre. That's what the comments and poll responses at www.lacrossetribune.com are saying.

I would have thought that Favre had finally sealed the deal by taking his annual will-I-retire-or-will-I-play drama to unprecedented lengths -- and then finally saying out loud what many of us have suspected these past few years: It's not all about the team ... or all about the game ... It's all about Brett.

Here are a few of the comment visitors to our Web site attached to stories about Wisconsin's (and Mississippi's) 38-year-old drama queen:

random annoying bozo wrote: "As usual, 'It's all about Brett.' He's showing he's just another attention-starved prima donna, with a huge ego. But to some, I guess, slowly watching a person's skills deteriorate right in front of their eyes is entertainment."

2centsworth wrote: "Brett, you're breaking Packers fans' hearts all over the country! You said before you would never play for another team. You done us so proud, you worked your butt off, you gave us all the very best you could. Now please sit back enjoy your retirement, and let us all remember you as a Green Bay Packer for ever and ever! We love you and thank you!"

TJ2U wrote: "I feel bad for all of those people who spent money on all of the 'special edition' magazines printed solely in honor of Brett's retirement if he isn't actually retiring. ..."

PackAttack2020 wrote: "... he is still the winningest QB in history."

Native wrote: "What's the problem? In the last two off-seasons, this is the earliest that Farve has ended his talk of retirement. This is the earliest that he has committed to the team, and why are they not welcoming him back to his old position. He's more familiar with the system than Rodgers; why is Rodgers getting Farve's job when Farve says he wants it back?"

And despite the Favre fatigue that's obviously setting in, 1,863 respondents registered their opinions when we asked, in one of our daily online polls, what the Packers should do with Favre.

And the favorite answer: Reinstate him as Green Bay's starting quarterback (446 of 1,863 respondents, or 24 percent). Fifteen percent want him to stay on as a very expensive backup, and another 15 percent hope the Packers ignore him till he slinks away.

Seventeen percent said the Packers should trade him, and 7 percent are so loyal to Favre that they say the Packers should release him because he's earned it, even if that means he goes to another NFC North team.

And 411 respondents (22 percent) are apparently suffering from Favre fatigue: "No more Brett Favre polls," they said. "We don't care."

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