August 8, 2008

Edwards Admits Affair but Not Child

Former Democratic U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards, in an interview to be aired Friday, admitted having an adulterous affair.

But Edwards, a former U.S. senator from North Carolina, told ABC News he isn't the father of Rielle Hunter's daughter and that he didn't love Hunter. He said he had ended the affair before Hunter's child was conceived. Andrew Young, who worked on the Edwards campaign, has said he is the father.

The interview was to air on "Nightline."

Edwards said that he met Hunter in a New York bar. She worked for the campaign producing Web documentaries.

Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, announced during the presidential campaign that she had suffered a recurrence of breast cancer. Edwards told ABC News that at the time of the affair his wife's cancer was in remission.

A source who was part of the campaign said the news was surprising and disappointing and that staff members observed no inappropriate behavior.

He didn't have a wandering eye," the source said. "But he's very good at compartmentalizing, whether something's going on in his family, or on the staff, he'd be able to turn around, go on stage and give a brilliant speech. So maybe he just compartmentalized those emotions.''