August 20, 2008

US State Secretary Praises Poland As Defender of Freedom

Text of report in English by Polish national independent news agency PAP

Warsaw, 20 August: Poland has always been defending freedom, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday after she and Polish Foreign Minister signed a deal on placing ten missile interceptors in Poland.

Let me express my thanks for the reception of our delegation in Warsaw which is a unique city, a symbol that freedom can be negated for a moment but not for ever, Rice stressed.

Poland has always been defending freedom, even in the dark days when it could not fully express its wish for freedom. But today I am in a free and democratic Poland that is fully integrated with Euro- Atlantic structures of the EU and NATO, Rice said.

Rice termed the signing of the deal as a historic and special occasion.

She stressed the deal would help answer the threats of the 21st century and consolidate Polish-US cooperation. It will make it possible for the alliance, Poland and the US to answer future threats, she said.

The shield is not directed against anyone. This is a defensive system, Rice said.

Originally published by PAP news agency, Warsaw, in English 1041 20 Aug 08.

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