August 27, 2008

Hijackers Free Passengers in Libya

Authorities say hijackers remained on board a Sudanese airliner Wednesday after freeing 100 passengers at an isolated desert airport in Libya.

"The two hijackers and the crew are still inside. We are continuing to negotiate with them," a Libyan official told Sky News.

The Sun Air Boeing 737 was hijacked Tuesday en route from Darfur's largest city, Nyala, to Khartoum in Sudan. The hijackers are believed linked to the Sudan Liberation Army, Sky News reported.

Libya gave permission for the plane to land at a remote and little-used airport in Kufra when the plane ran short of fuel. Some passengers reportedly fainted after the plane's air conditioning failed in sweltering heat, Sky News reported.

Kufra airport officials said the hijackers demanded more fuel and a flight plan to Paris after they freed the passengers.