September 4, 2008

Oklahoma Teen Sucked into Storm Drain

A 14-year-old girl managed to escape from a storm drain in Tulsa, Okla., after she was sucked into the underground site, authorities say.

Tulsa Fire Department Capt. Michael Baker said Wednesday's incident began when the unidentified girl was swept into the storm drain by a sudden strong burst of water caused by a nearby water line break, the Tulsa (Okla.) World reported.

The water flow took the girl, who celebrated her 14th birthday that same day, into the drain that was filled with nearly four feet of water and carried her more than six blocks underground.

The girl eventually managed to escape the drain on her own after the water level fell to a manageable level, Baker said.

The fire official told the World the girl only suffered minor injuries in the incident and was taken home by her mother.