September 17, 2008

Yemeni TV Broadcasts Ticker News Bar Detailing Attack on US Embassy

Text of report by state-owned Yemeni TV on 17 September

At 1147 gmt, state-owned Yemen TV ran the following ticker bar informing citizens of what happened earlier in the morning during the attack on the US embassy.

"This morning, security forces foiled a double suicide car bombing that targeted the US embassy in San'a.

During the hostile operation, six security forces guarding the embassy were martyred and three others were injured. Moreover, four citizens were martyred, including a couple, a civilian security guard and an Indian female national that was passing by the embassy building.

Our security forces managed to kill the six suicide attackers, including one wearing a suicide vest. A security source said that the embassy building was not damaged and none of its staff was injured. The security apparatuses are currently investigating the terrorist, criminal incident."

Originally published by Republic of Yemen TV, Sanaa, in Arabic 1147 17 Sep 08.

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