October 22, 2008

Group Seeks Protection of Harbor Seals

The fight over removing seals from a beach in La Jolla, Calif. was moved to federal court Wednesday by an animal rights group seeking a restraining order.

La Jolla Friends of the Seals, a non-profit advocacy group, want U.S. District Judge William Hayes to issue an injunction preventing destruction of the Harbor seal habitat at Children's Pool, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

The group has sued the National Marine Fisheries Service in an effort to force the city to obtain a permit under the Marine Mammal Protection Act before it disturbs the seals.

Friday the multifaceted case returns to Superior Court where Judge Yuri Hoffman will consider restoration plans for the beach.

The city has asked Hoffman to allow cleanup of the beach in a methodical way and does not want to be forced to immediately remove the seals.

Image Courtesy Marcel Burkhard - Wikipedia