November 2, 2008

McCain Spoofs McCain on ‘SNL’

Republican U.S. presidential nominee John McCain spoofed his own campaign in a "Saturday Night Live" sketch featuring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

The show opened with McCain and Fey, as running mate Palin, giving their answer to Democratic nominee Barack Obama's 30-minute infomercial -- a segment on the home shopping channel QVC.

"This has been an historic campaign, so why not remember it with our line of collectible products," McCain said in the sketch. "Such as Ten Commemorative plates that celebrates the ten Town Hall debates between Senator Obama and myself. They're blank, he wouldn't agree to those debates. Too bad. They're still nice plates."

McCain also appeared on "Weekend Update," discussing last-minute campaign ploys he might use with three days left before Election Day. One joke played off his image as a "maverick," with McCain saying he might try the "Reverse Maverick" -- "where I do whatever anybody tells me."

He also said he could try "The Sad Grandpa."

"That's where I get on TV and go: 'C'mon, Obama's gonna have plenty of chances to be President! It's my turn! Vote for me!'"