December 30, 2008

Italian woman turns in $225,129 find

A Cagliari, Italy, woman said she found a package containing 160,000 Euros in cash and checks -- the equivalent of $225,129 -- and turned it in to police.

Tiziana Concu, 43, said she discovered the container full of Euros and checks in front of the after-hours deposit window at her bank while she was making a deposit, the ANSA news agency reported Tuesday.

Concu said she took the box of money to police the following day.

It wasn't my money, somebody else had earned it, and anyone who loses all that money could risk being sacked, she said. My daughter's very proud of me. I don't expect a reward, maybe just a bit of gratitude.

Police said the package and its contents were traced back to a local businessman who had made a deposit but apparently did not notice the box had not fallen down the bank chute.