July 1, 2005

Car explodes at beach resort south of Beirut

BEIRUT (Reuters) - An explosion ripped through a car at abeach resort south of Beirut on Friday injuring a woman,security sources said.

They said a bomb had exploded when the woman tried to getin the car in the parking lot of the Lebanon Beach resort onthe Khalde coastal strip.

It was not immediately clear who the woman was or why shewas targeted. She was taken to hospital.

Lebanon has witnessed a series of assassinations andbombings in recent months. Former Prime Minister Rafikal-Hariri was killed in a huge truck bomb in February, plungingLebanon into its worst political crisis since the 1975-1990civil war.

An anti-Syrian politician was killed in a bombing on June21. An anti-Syrian columnist was killed in a similar blastearlier the same month.