February 17, 2009

Canada warns of counterfeit toothbrushes

Health Canada says counterfeit toothbrushes are being sold, falsely labeled as Colgate and Oral B products.

Federal officials say consumers owning Colgate Massager, Colgate Navigator, Oral B Classic 40, Oral B Contura and Colgate 360 toothbrushes should verify their authenticity and if an imitation is suspected, consumers should stop using them immediately since they might present a health hazard.

Health Canada said it has received one incident report of the bristles of a counterfeit Oral B Classic 40 toothbrush becoming dislodged and caught in the user's throat.

Officials said genuine Colgate toothbrushes can be identified by the packaging information that is printed in English and French only, and states Distr. by/par: Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc, and by a lot code molded into the brush handle just under the brush head.

Genuine Oral B toothbrushes can be identified by the Oral B logo manufactured as part of the handle mold. Counterfeit Oral B toothbrushes have been known to have the logo printed in silver text on a peel away label.