February 19, 2009

Eateries limiting condiments

Customers at certain eateries in the Chicago area will have to specifically request ketchup or mustard to receive the condiments, a restaurant manager says.

Nicole Hughes, the manager of a Chicago-area Chili's restaurant, said to cut down on product costs, her take-out window employees have begun asking customers if they need condiments instead of immediately providing the goods, the Chicago Sun-Times said Thursday.

The cost-cutting efforts at the Chili's in Homewood, Ill., will also apply to utensils and bags for take-out boxes.

Hughes told the Sun-Times the eatery changes, which also included the removal of cardboard coasters at all tables, should help cut costs.

In the long run, it'll eliminate us having to increase costs on the menus, she told the Sun-Times.

The newspaper said an area McDonald's restaurant has also embraced such efforts, limiting customers to three ketchup packets and charging extra for additional Chicken McNugget sauce packets.