March 17, 2009

A Little Laughter For Tough Times

Think back to the year 1994. You probably did not have a cell phone nor an email address. Life was different in those days. There was more time to think, breathe, enjoy. In his debut book, Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment, Yahoo! Wellness Expert David Romanelli reflects on how the Information Age has effected our quality of life. In one particular moment in 1994, David recalls perusing the aisles in the university Munch Mart when he asked the woman to his left, "Do you think these 'microwavable bologna and cheese cracker sandwiches' are a good call for a snack?"  Little did he know the woman would one day become the celebrity chef and Bon Appetit magazine Food Artisan of the Year Katrina Markoff. Her response to David's inquiry about the 'microwavable bologna and cheese cracker sandwiches':  "Disgusting!"  They fast became great friends.

Fast forward 10 years when David and Katrina created the Yoga + Chocolate experience which shares how a piece of exotic chocolate is an accessible gateway to the present moment. This message of Livin' the Moment through everyday passions (music, wine, chocolate, yoga) is the rallying cry for David's book, workshops, and life. In his book, David ponders had he been on his cell phone that day in 1994 in the Munchi Mart, he would have never met Katrina and his life would be drastically different.   It was easier to strike up a conversation with a stranger in 1994. Nowadays, one just assume use spare time to knock out a message on the Blackberry. Can you relate? Might you be missing important moments, encounters, and experiences because there's too much going on?

Combining the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle with the humor of Saturday Night Live and a touch of Cheech and Chong, Yeah Dave's Guide shares 26 chapters combining feel-good inspiration with irreverent, naughty humor. Click here to see more about the book.

Who doesn't need a little laughter in these tough times? 

Chapters include:

  • David's getting kicked out of meditation camp for taking muscle relaxers
  • The power of exotic chocolate to deliver you to a deeply present moment
  • David's adventures with a one-balled toy poodle named Schmutzie.

To view 2 short videos based on chapters in David's book, click here.

The book is available online at Amazon.com or a bookstore near you. And for more info, check out www.yeahdave.com