March 23, 2009

Students say tomato should be N.J. veggie

The tomato, while not officially a vegetable, should be chosen as the official state vegetable for the state of New Jersey, a group of students says.

The Star-Ledger newspaper in Newark, N.J., said Monday that a group of Memorial School fourth-grade students in Washington, N.J., have been calling for the tomato to receive the state honor in an online petition.

In addition to the students' votetomato.com petition, one of the young Warren County residents has contacted New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine about the proposal, the newspaper reported.

If we are the Garden State, why don't we have a state vegetable? the unidentified student asked the governor.

The tomato, while typically considered a vegetable, is actually designated as a fruit.

The next steps for the active youngsters are an e-mail and telephone lobbying campaign, along with a trip to the state capital on April 6, The Star-Ledger said. That date, appropriately, is National Tomato Day.