July 7, 2005

Casualties on London’s underground after incident

LONDON (Reuters) - People were seen streaming out of a
London underground station covered with blood on Thursday
following what police described as a "major incident." Similar
scenes were reported by witnesses outside other stations in the
capital. The whole of the system was shut down and major
thoroughfares were closed.

The cause of the incident, which occurred at rush-hour on
the underground network, was as yet unknown.

"There have been some casualties and this has been declared
as a major incident," said a spokeswoman for London's
Metropolitan Police.

Emergency services rushed to the Aldgate East underground
station where police reported one incident at 8:59 a.m. local
time (0759 GMT).

Witnesses said passengers were seen emerging from the
station at Aldgate East with blood on their faces and their
clothes ripped.

"There were people streaming out of Algate station covered
in blood," said Kate Heywood, 27, on her way to work. A Reuters
correspondent at Oxford Circus station, at the heart of the
underground system, heard an announcement over the
public-address system saying: "A power outage has occurred
London-wide. All train services are suspended."

A station official said: "All the power has gone down. I
don't know when it'll come back."