July 10, 2005

Two pilots die as biplanes crash at Canada air show

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Two pilots from a U.S. civilian
airplane acrobatics group died on Sunday when their biplanes
collided at an air show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, officials

"The Air Show was brought to an unexpected halt after two
pilots from Masters Of Disaster were killed in a collision
mid-flight," organizers said in a statement.

Officials said no one was injured on the ground in the
crash, which is under investigation.

"Masters of Disaster" is an air show performance by the
X-Team, a U.S.-based group of stunt pilots, drivers and

Officials did not immediately divulge the names of the
pilots killed.

On its Web site, the Saskatchewan Air show said three
planes were involved in the performance.

The X-Team planes that collided were named Samson, a
450-horsepower biplane, and Waco, which has two power plants,
including a jet engine. The plane named Bulldog, a 400
horsepower biplane, landed safely.