July 16, 2009

Starbucks renames Seattle-area shops

Starbucks says a Seattle location that is dropping the corporate name in favor of a local-oriented moniker is the first of three stores to test new names.

The Seattle-based coffee chain giant said the Capitol Hill location, which is being remodeled in the chain's new eco-friendly style, will be renamed 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea when it reopens next week, The Seattle Times reported Thursday.

The chain said at least two more Seattle-area stores will be renamed for their neighborhoods after remodeling, but the names and locations have not been finalized.

Tim Pfeiffer, senior vice president of global design for Starbucks, said the name changes, which could be spread to other areas if they prove successful, are designed to give the shops a community personality. He said the Starbucks logo will even be absent from bags of the company's coffee sold at the locations in favor of the names of the rebranded stores.