July 22, 2005

Four suspended over Detroit melee

RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - Kansas City pitcher
Runelvys Hernandez, Royals manager Buddy Bell and two Detroit
Tigers pitchers Kyle Farnsworth and Jeremy Bonderman have been
suspended and fined for their actions in a July 17 melee in
Detroit, Major League Baseball said.

Hernandez was suspended for 10 games for intentionally
throwing a pitch at Detroit's Carlos Guillen and for his
aggressive actions during the bench-clearing incident, MLB vice
president Bob Watson said in a statement.

Farnsworth was suspended six games and Bonderman five for
their actions in the incident. Bell drew a one-game suspension,
which he planned to serve on Friday night. Guillen was fined.

Hernandez, Farnsworth and Bonderman have appealed which
means they can continue to play until a hearing is held.

"I wasn't throwing at him," Hernandez told reporters. "I
didn't do that on purpose. I missed with a pitch. I'm not
upset. This is normal. But 10 games? That's too much."

In another incident, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny
was suspended for five games for an altercation with an umpire
on July 14.

Penny was ejected after throwing his helmet and having a
verbal exchange with umpire Rob Drake after he was tagged out
at first base in a loss to San Francisco. He said he would