July 22, 2005

Armed police surround road in W. London -witnesses

LONDON (Reuters) - Armed police told residents around
Harrow Road in west London to stay off the streets on Friday
and one witness told the BBC he saw remote-controlled trucks
that he thought were used by bomb disposal units.

"There's what looks like a bomb disposal-type vehicle,
armored, and there's several armed officers around it," Houst
Monfaradi told BBC television, adding there was a huge police
presence in the area.

"About half hour an ago, police ran up my road telling
everyone to get inside their houses. Anyone who even pops their
head out, they scream at them: 'get inside your house'."

He said he also saw a small remote-controlled tracked
vehicle, followed by a couple of armed officers with shields.

London police had been due to hold a news conference at
1:30 p.m. (1230 GMT) on the day's events but it was delayed by
more than an hour. Sky Television, citing police sources, said
the delay was for operational reasons.