July 22, 2005

Police search house in W. London after bombings

LONDON (Reuters) - Armed police raided a house in west
London on Friday in connection with the attempted bombings of
the London transport system 24 hours earlier but no one was
arrested, a police spokeswoman said.

Vans of armed police and paramedics wearing flak jackets
descended on the area shortly after one p.m. local time (1200
GMT) and shouted at people to stay inside their houses.

Witnesses told a Reuters reporter the police sealed off
about 150 meters of the road and approached an internet cafe.

Police later removed parts of the cordon and the paramedics
removed their bullet-protective clothing. A spokesman for
Scotland Yard said he believed the search was still going on.

"About half hour an ago, police ran up my road telling
everyone to get inside their houses," Houst Monfaradi told BBC
television, adding there was a huge police presence in the

"Anyone who even pops their head out, they scream at them:
'get inside your house'."

Petica Watson, 32, told Reuters she had walked out of her
house and straight into a policeman with a machinegun who
ordered her back in.

London police had been due to hold a news conference at
1:30 p.m. (1230 GMT) on the day's events but it was delayed by
more than an hour. Sky Television, citing police sources, said
the delay was for operational reasons.