July 16, 2010

Scientists Determine Proper Handshake Method

British scientists have unveiled a step-by-step guide to the perfect handshake in order to help people who are overcome with nerves.

Researchers at the University of Manchester said on Thursday that the biggest problems are sweaty palms, limp wrists, gripping too hard and lack of eye contact.

Geoffrey Beattie, the university's head of psychological sciences, determined 12 key measures in order to convey trust and respect to the recipient while taking part in the age-old custom.

They include vigor, eye contact and hand temperature.

"The human handshake is one of the most crucial elements of impression formation and is used as a source of information for making a judgment about another person," he told AFP news.

He said he was surprised "that up until now there has not been a guide showing people how they should shake hands."

Beattie's steps for the perfect handshake are: use the right hand; a complete grip and a firm squeeze; a cool and dry palm; approximately three shakes, with a medium level of vigor, held no longer than two to three seconds.

According to the scientists, the handshake must also be executed with eye contact kept throughout and a good natural smile with an appropriate verbal statement.


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