August 17, 2010

A Woman’s Shopping Influenced By Ovulation

Researchers from the University of Minnesota discovered in a new study that ovulating women purchase sexier clothing,

"The desire for women at peak fertility to unconsciously choose products that enhance appearance is driven by a desire to outdo attractive rival women," Kristina Durante, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management and lead author of the study, told AFP news.

"If you look more desirable than your competition, you are more likely to stand out."

The researchers found that women who are ovulating choose sexier clothing and accessories for themselves after being shown photographs of attractive local women wearing the products.

The investigators discovered that women who were not ovulating did not make the same decisions, and the ovulating women made it unconsciously.

Durante said that the goal of preening during ovulation is to attract the best romantic partner.

She told AFP that in order to accomplish this, "a woman needs to assess the attractiveness of other women in her local environment to determine how eye-catching she needs to be to snare a good man,"

She said that a rival in Los Angeles poses little threat to a women in New York chasing a mate in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

The researchers said that marketers should pay attention to the study, which showed that ovulation has a "profound influence" on a woman's consumer behavior.

"For about five to six days every month, normally ovulating women -- representing over a billion consumers -- may be especially likely to purchase products and services that enhance physical appearance," Durante told AFP.

The study said that included clothing, shoes and fashion accessories, as well as cosmetics, health supplements, fitness products, and medical procedures.


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