August 1, 2005

Bush will appoint Bolton to U.N. job Monday

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush will bypass the
Senate and appoint John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the United
Nations on Monday morning, a senior administration official

The move, expected in a White House ceremony, would come
over the protests of Senate Democrats who complained that the
blunt, combative Bolton lacked credibility.

Senate Democrats have stalled the nomination of Bolton, a
favorite of conservatives, over accusations he tried to
manipulate intelligence and intimidated intelligence analysts
to support his hawkish views while the top U.S. diplomat for
arms control.

But Bush has been insistent that Bolton has the type of
personality to pursue reforms at the United Nations and wants
to get him into office to prepare for the U.N. General Assembly
in September.

Bolton would be able to serve until January 2007, when a
new Congress is sworn in.