Knowledge is Power in the War Against AIDS

December 2, 2010

So what can one person do to help? The purpose of this series of articles and accompanying videos is to introduce individuals and grass roots movements that have made a significant difference. Our hope is that their stories will be inspirational.

(Vocus) December 1, 2010

On World AIDS Day 2010 Support and Celebrate Groups who have made a Difference.

Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Day, a day for all of us to commit to help the fight against this devastating disease in any way we can. The theme for World AIDS Day 2010, developed by UNAIDS, WHO and UNICEF is Universal Access and Human Rights. It is only through sharing knowledge, ensuring access to effective prevention, treatment and care services as well as protecting the rights of all groups that we can continue to effectively respond to this epidemic.

So what can one person do to help? The purpose of this series of articles and accompanying videos is to introduce individuals and grass roots movements that have made a significant difference. Our hope is that their stories will be inspirational.

The Red Ribbon Award started in 2006 by the United Nations Development Programme recognizes the outstanding work of community based groups from around the world in combating the spread of HIV and providing care to those in need. The 2010 Red Ribbon Awards were bestowed on twenty-five community-based organizations representing 17 countries across the globe. These organizations clearly demonstrate that effective responses to the epidemic require the full participation of front-line, community-based groups. Community groups recognize that AIDS is one of many issues that are tied together. They understand that AIDS requires an exceptional response but they also understand that you need to link AIDS to broader issues of health, development and justice to be effective,” said Jeffrey O’Malley, Director of the HIV/AIDS Practice at UNDP.

Their tireless and often dangerous work was recognized by UNDP at the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna this year. What they have accomplished in their communities is nothing short of miraculous. Eric O’Connor of Framework Media working with UNDP has traveled the globe to bring some of these stories to light. He produced a documentary that aired in Vienna highlighting some of the incredible organizations doing this work and introducing the community leaders who made it possible.

The organizations featured are:

Nikat Women’s Association is the first community-based association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that is devoted to improving the living conditions of low-income women and commercial sex workers, thereby fighting poverty and protecting the right to health.

Colectivo SerGay de Aguascalientes, A.C. works to expose injustice and document human rights violations towards sexual minorities and marginalized groups in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and provides those populations with a community centre that is a safe space for medical, therapeutic and psychological support.

Productive Organisation for Women in Action ““ POWA uses a mobile information booth, featuring live music and dancing, to attract a wide range of community members in Belize and educate them about HIV, gender-based violence, condom use, and HIV testing and referral services

Penitentiary Initiative has developed an effective model of integrated services for inmates living with HIV in six under-resourced prisons of Ukraine.

Novices Aids Intervention and Rehabilitation Network is an organization of novice Buddhist monks who have been trained as HIV peer-educators, breaking the stigma associated with HIV and becoming a model for other novice monks and monastic schools in Thailand.

O’Connor, after six months back in the United States, voiced his most vivid memory of the project. “What has stayed with me is the incredible dedication I saw from the members of these groups. They are everyday people who saw a great need in their communities and decided to do something to help. The majority of these groups are working in extremely difficult environments often with very limited resources. It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with the commitment and compassion shown by these groups. “

Accompanying this article is the introduction to the documentary. Every few days another portion of the film will be published featuring one of the five organizations and detailing their story in more depth.

Knowledge is power. It is hoped that once their stories are heard, individuals will reach out to help them in this universal battle or be inspired to make a contribution to this war.

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