August 3, 2005

Man charged over failed London bomb attacks

LONDON (Reuters) - A 23-year-old man arrested in connection
with the July 21 failed bomb attacks on London's transport
network has been charged under British terrorism laws, the
police said on Wednesday.

He is the first person to be charged as part of the
investigation into the attacks, but is not one of the four men
suspected of being a would-be bomber.

Ismael Abdurahman, from Kennington in south London, has
been charged with hindering the police investigation by
protecting a possible suspect, said a police spokeswoman.

He will appear in a London court on Thursday.

British police believe all four men they were hunting over
the failed July 21 bombings on three underground trains and a
bus have now been captured.

Three are in custody in Britain, a fourth in Rome.

Earlier, Britain formally requested that Italy extradite
Hamdi Issac, arrested last week in Rome, and said they hoped
the process could be completed by the end of the year.

British police also said a man arrested in Brighton, in
southern England, was released without charge.

In addition to Abdurahman, British police said they were
holding 14 suspects in connection with the botched attacks
after a total of 37 arrests.

The attempted bombings came two weeks after four young
British Muslim men killed themselves and 52 other people with
bombs, also on three underground trains and a bus.

The charge against Abdurahman reads:

"Between July 23 and July 28 he had information he knew or
believed might be of material assistance in securing the
apprehension, prosecution or conviction of another person in
the UK for an offence involving the commission, preparation or
instigation of an act of terrorism."