Announcing the Release of a New Meditation CD – Allowing Peace: Guided Meditations With Your Spirit Guides

January 4, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Allowing Peace: Guided Meditations With Your Spirit Guides, a set of two CDs containing six meditations, is now available through CD Baby, Amazon MP3, ITunes, eMusic, Napster, MySpace Music, Liquid Digital, Shockhound, and MediaNet.

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) January 2, 2011

The Allowing Peace CD was designed to assist in achieving a deeper state of relaxation, and to help intuitively obtain messages and healings from the listener’s Spirit Guides. Also, this CD will help establish a stronger personal connection and a more extraordinary relationship with each person’s Spirit Guides. This meditation CD can be a powerful tool to enhance awareness of the messages constantly provided from Spirit and to help develop a code of communication with Spirit Guides.

For more information on the Allowing Peace CD please go to: http://www.geofjowett.com

Each of the six meditations enables a person to incorporate a current life issue or a soul concern so that they can receive insight, wisdom and inspiration from their Spirit Guides as they explore and journey to; a library of enlightenment, a garden of guidance, a tropical island with intuitive treasures, an inspirational meadow, a sacred temple, or ride on the great white eagle to an ancient mountain forest. The harp is used in each meditation to provide the vibration of healing energy that relaxes the mind and elevates the consciousness allowing the listener to more easily receive the healing power and inspiring messages from Spirit.

The vibration of the harp and the gentle voice of Medium Geof will help in receiving healing and inspirational messages from Spirit Guides. Medium Geof suggests that the listener relax and allow the gifts of beautiful wisdom of Spirit and the therapeutic and remedial benefits of meditation. He also suggests that during the meditations the listener maintain a journal of the messages that they will receive from their Spirit Guides during the mediations on this CD.

Allowing Peace contains the following six self guided meditations:

Library of Enlightenment

~ research a current life issue or soul concern with individual Spirit Guides with inspirational collections of knowledge

Garden of Guidance

~ magically receive beautiful messages from Spirit Guides with variant flowers that have purifying fragrances.

Intuitive Treasures

~sail through the deep blue sea to a serene tropical island where Spirit Guides will present messages as beaches, coves and caves are explored.

Inspirational Meadows

~hike through a vast field of blossoming wildflowers with a babbling brook and reflection pond

Sacred Temple

~ energize chakras and receive heavenly messages and blessing from Spirit Guides in a holy sanctuary and receive messages from the great book of wisdom

Divine Eagle Journey

~ gently fly into the peaceful heavens on a great white eagle to a sacred mountaintop to receive healings and wisdom from Spirit Guides

For more information on the Allowing Peace CD please go to: http://www.geofjowett.com

Geof Jowett is an intuitive medium, educator, published author and the creator of this CD. It is his passion to promote the expansion of our consciousness, the continuity of life, the laws of nature, intuition and mediumship so that we may heal and discover a greater sense of contentment, joy and peace and perpetuate love.

It is Geof’s intention to help you find peace: the peace that exists within you. One way to achieve peace is through a self-regulation and self-inquiry process of enhanced awareness and elevated consciousness called meditation. To learn more about Geof please visit his website at http://www.geofjowett.com

Aedan MacDonnell is a Certified Music Practitioner, Reiki practitioners, intuitive, award winning harper, and recording artist. Music gives us a way to express feelings when we have no words; a way to understand things with our hearts when we cannot with our minds. Aedan’s hope is to help others learn to help themselves through the power of music. To find out more about Aedan, please visit http://www.HarpMuse.com.

To enhance awareness and to get the most out of life, quiet the mind and look, feel and listen with the heart for Spirit Guides are communicating with you. This CD can help the listener to become more conscious of their Guides loving and wise council so that they can bring more joy, contentment and peace to their lives.

For more information on the Allowing Peace CD please go to: http://www.geofjowett.com

Testimonials about the Allowing Peace meditation CD

“A beautiful collaboration of music and guided journeys that enlighten the soul and allow the glorious discovery of inner peace.”

“An exquisite combination of angelic music and beautiful guided journeys which relax the mind and body and allow the joyous connection to spirit and allowing peace.”

“An amazing blend of guided meditations and beautiful music. Wonderful details provide a visual journey which clears the mind and allows a deeper connection to the souls inner peace.”

For more information on the Allowing Peace CD please go to: http://www.geofjowett.com

~Creating miracles through the consciousness of peace~

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