Water-Guard E-Ring from GBSA Saves Big Dollars for Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Mills

January 25, 2011

Stationary Lip Seal eliminates unnecessary parts,reduces maintenance and minimizes downtime with a savings of up to six figures per plant.

Chardon, OH (Vocus/PRWEB) January 24, 2011

Hot and cold rolled steel mills in the northeast United States have discovered one thing…using a Water-Guard e-ring to keep lubricants in and water outside of bearing areas can save some big money. It can eliminate unnecessary parts, reduce maintenance and changeover and minimize downtime with a savings of up to six figures per plant.

The Water-Guard e-ring, manufactured by GBSA, Inc., is a designed-in, stationary lip seal that keeps oil and water in their place. This becomes particularly critical when considering that there are as many as seven “stands” in a hot or cold rolled mill with up to four e-rings per stand. That’s as many as twenty-eight bearings that could require replacement in the absence of the right seal.

For more that forty years, the industry standard has been a metal encased oil seal (typically made of aluminum) designed to keep contaminants out of the bearing area. Using this oil-seal, maintenance would bolt up to sixteen brass screws to a backing to hold the seal in place. Ultimately, the oil-seal would leak, turn stiff and, if it didn’t burn out the bearing, labor would have to drill out the screws, replace the seal and bolt the screws back on.

More recently, a rotating v-seal was used as a replacement to the aluminum seal. However, “hoop-stress” (circumferential stress) and the inability for the v-seal to maintain rotational speed resulted in failure. The extruded v-seal cannot be used as a rotating seal and eventually, competitors tried gluing the v-seal to the shaft, which was problematic.

Over the last ten years, the Water-Guard e-ring has come to the rescue of bearing failures in steel mills. Water-Guard is a molded (as opposed to an extruded) product that is stationary in nature and allows the steel manufacturer to hold to better tolerances. The seal can move + or – .5 inches in either direction allowing for a seal that lasts from six to nine months.

The Water-Guard e-ring is available for bearing applications from 48 inches to 50+ inches and ranges in price from $500.00 – $600.00. “Bar mills lose up to 75 bearings in a year, each costing $10,000.00,” said Cameron Orr, Sales and Marketing Manager of GBSA. “We’ve cut bearing failure down to a minimum and you can see the savings just in the equipment,” he continued.

The Water-Guard is easy to replace. There are no screws to remove, as with the aluminum ring, and no glue, as is the case with the v-seal. Just stretch the product over the bearing shaft, snap in place and the installation is complete. “The maintenance guy really likes the Water-Guard because it’s very easy to change,” says Orr.

Finally, the Water-Guard keeps oil in the bearing area and water outside. “That’s really important because a bushing and a sleeve go for about $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 and that’s a ton of money,” says Orr. “Maintenance and change over are really a moot point when it comes to saving the bearing. That’s where we excel.”

For over thirty years, GBSA has been a leading supplier of molded rubber parts, plastic, ceramic and metal stamping services that are engineered to stand up to even the toughest conditions. Our pledge is to deliver quality parts, on time and on budget.

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