August 6, 2005

Six parties agree to recess N.Korea talks: China

BEIJING (Reuters) - The six parties at North Korean nuclear
crisis talks agreed on Sunday to take a three-week recess and
plan to return to the table in the week of August 29, Chinese
chief negotiator Wu Dawei told a news conference.

Wu said the break was taken to give negotiators a chance to
return to their capitals for consultations. The talks failed to
reach accord on a joint statement, with Pyongyang clinging fast
to its demand to keep nuclear programs for peaceful use.

The two Koreas, the United States, Japan, Russia and China
struggled for 13 days but failed to reach agreement on a
communique that would provide for the dismantling of North
Korea's nuclear programs in return for energy aid and security
guarantees, and end the three-year crisis.