Dahn Yoga Exercises for Meridian of the Month Can Help Boost Energy and Improve Health

March 1, 2011

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. continues its series on its Meridian of the Month for February by introducing Dahn Yoga exercises for maintaining and sustaining a free flowing Large Intestine Meridian. Benefits include improved overall health and more energy.

Gilbert, AZ (Vocus/PRWEB) February 27, 2011

Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and wellness, today announced exercises to promote the health of February’s Meridian of the Month: the Large Intestine Meridian. The Large Intestine Meridian contains 20 points in all, beginning at the outside corner of the index finger’s nail, following a path up the arm, dipping slightly towards the lungs after crossing the shoulder blade, and ending beside the nostril. It is associated with overall energy, bowel regularity, clear lungs and healthy skin.

Meridians, or energy channels, comprise the “energy body.” There are 12 major meridians, each connecting to a main internal organ. Meridians are paired, running symmetrically through the physical body and moved by Ki energy.

The yin to the Large Intestine Meridian’s yang is the Lung Meridian. Both meridians have the capacity to support the other for the highest health of the whole. According to Eastern Medicine, when the lungs are congested or achy with flu, exercises for the large intestine can help shift sickness into balance. Conversely, when the colon or Large Intestine Meridian is stagnant or sore, deep breathing can ignite stronger digestion and elimination. Weakened digestion can lead to skin problems such as acne and emotional symptoms such as being unable to let go. Using clear breath circulated from the lungs helps to transform emotions of grief and sorrow (emotions associated with the lungs and colon) into love and acceptance.

One of the most effective Dahn Yoga exercises you can do to keep the Large Intestine Meridian in good health is daily intestine exercises. Intestine exercises not only keep the large intestines healthy, but there are also benefits for the lungs due to the yin/yang pairing of the organs. According to Dahn Yoga Basics, “this exercise will increase the flexibility of the intestines and facilitate efficient circulation of both energy and blood.”

Dahn Yoga health tip: Daily self-massage. Simply warming a little sesame oil and taking 15 minutes a day to massage oneself around the area of the colon and the points along the arm where the Large Intestine Meridian runs can go a long way to maintaining the health of the colon.

Dahn Yoga exercises can also help build the momentum of healthy circulation for the Large Intestine and all meridians. Over time, benefits will include improved health, increased energy and a better ability to develop sensitivity to your body during exercises.

About Dahn Yoga:

Dahn Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea. Dahn Yoga classes combine stretching, flowing movement, deep breathing exercises and meditation in a simple and easy to learn format. Dahn Yoga is often taught alongside Tai Chi, QiGong and Meditation classes.

In the United States, Dahn Yoga classes are offered at Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., a national leader in health and wellness. Dahn Yoga classes are also offered at Body & Brain franchise, affiliate and community-based locations. Dahn Yoga reviews can be found at Dahnyoga.com


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