August 8, 2005

Albright writes book about religion, U.S. policy

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former Secretary of State Madeleine
Albright is writing a book about religion and international
politics as part of a two-book deal with Harper Collins, the
publisher said on Monday.

The first new book, to be titled "The Mighty and the
Almighty: God and Religion in American Foreign Policy," will be
published next spring and Harper Collins, a unit of News Corp.,
said it would be a "very provocative" and personal analysis of
the subject.

"Secretary Albright's thoughts on the complexities of
foreign policy in an age of religious extremism are required
reading: bold, frank, clearly argued, and informed by
experience," Jonathan Burnham, senior vice president and
publisher of Harper Collins, said in a statement.

Burnham worked on Albright's best-selling memoir "Madam
Secretary," published by Miramax Books in 2003. Albright, who
was born in Prague in 1937, served as secretary of state from
1997 to 2001 under U.S. President Bill Clinton. In her memoir,
Albright wrote about how she learned in 1997 that her family,
who fled the Nazis, then the Soviets in Czechoslovakia for the
United States, was Jewish, and her grandparents perished in the

The statement said the book on religion would draw on
Albright's own experience and U.S. history to examine what
Burnham called "the present crisis."

"She'll offer a sharp critique of U.S. policy, condemnation
for those who exploit religious fervor for violent ends, and
praise for political, cultural, and spiritual leaders who seek
to harness the values of faith to bring people together,"
Burnham said.

The second, as yet untitled, book will be an illustrated
book on Albright's collection of decorative pins of historical
and personal significance, timed to coincide with an exhibition
opening, the statement said.