August 9, 2005

US cannot isolate itself to fight terror -Clinton

PARIS (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said
on Tuesday the United States needed to build alliances rather
than pursuing policies that might foster terrorism.

"We cannot isolate ourselves from the world behind walls.
We cannot kill all our enemies," he said in an interview with
France's Le Monde newspaper.

"We need a strategy which will create more partners and
fewer terrorists. Americans' destiny is closely tied to that of
other people."

He cited the example of U.S. aid raised for victims of the
Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean, and linked
it to an increase in the proportion of Indonesians who had a
favorable opinion of the United States.

"It can't but improve our image when we show that we can be
selfless, that we want to build a world with others, by
understanding their problems, by helping them both for our
interests and for shared objectives," Clinton said.

He also urged the use of religion to resolve conflicts
rather than to create them.

Clinton said he regretted the rejection of the European
Union constitution by French and Dutch voters in referendums
earlier this year.

"It is difficult to overcome the reflexes of national
identity. But you will get there. The world needs Europe and a
demonstration that intelligence, reason and goodwill are
stronger than historical fate," he said.