Kids and Alcohol: Is Your Teen Drinking? 70% of Empowering Parents Readers Polled Say “Yes”

March 24, 2011

In a recent poll on Empowering Parents about teen substance abuse, 70% of parents surveyed said they’d caught their child drinking.

Westbrook, Maine (Vocus/PRWEB) March 22, 2011

When Empowering Parents polled its readership about teen substance abuse, 70% of parents surveyed said they’d caught their child drinking. Far from being an anomaly, these statistics ring true with the rest of the country. According to the U.S. government’s CDC website, alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States, more than tobacco and illicit drugs. Although it’s illegal for teens to drink, people aged 12 to 20 years drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in the United States””and more than 90% of it is done in the form of binge drinking.

In Teens, Alcohol and Binge Drinking, Empowering Parents, Editor Elisabeth Wilkins writes, “Kids are hitting the bottle in greater numbers these days, enough to cause the Surgeon General to issue a report warning parents about alcohol consumption among minors. There are 11 million underage drinkers in the U.S., and 7.2 million of those teens and pre-teens are binge drinking. The reasons for the surge among teens and pre-teens in recent years are many. Stress, flavored hard alcohol and peer pressure all play a role. Dick Schaefer, an addiction counselor who has worked with teens for nearly 30 years, agreed: “The kids I see tell me they drink every weekend, at least four times a month. And they get drunk each time.” He said he considers alcohol to be the number one risk for teens and pre-teens when it comes to substance abuse. The Surgeon General calls it “The drug of choice for teens in America.”

In his article on Parenting Teens: Parental Authority vs. Peer Pressure, child therapist and creator of The Total Transformation Program James Lehman, MSW, says adolescents have access to very dangerous things””like drugs and alcohol””to a much greater degree than teens did 50 years ago. And that access gets easier as time goes on. Every year, younger and younger children can get drugs and alcohol.” One of the solutions? “I think parents need to plan their response to certain behaviors and actions before their kids undertake them. So discuss ahead of time, “ËœWhat are we going to do if Jake smokes pot or drinks? What are we going to do if he gets arrested? What is our response going to be? What is our tone going to be? What are our words going to be?’”

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