Funny Surgery Stories Now On The Web and It’s Anonymous

May 22, 2011

Surgeons and Operating Room staff can share experiences and be HIPAA compliant on FunnySurgeryStories.com.

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) May 20, 2011

Hospital Risk Management walks the legal tightrope of HIPAA compliancy for the hospital and its entire staff. This HIPAA high wire act is made even trickier by all the new social media web sites like Facebook and Twitter, just to name two. Every employee and every tweet and posting is a potential lawsuit in the eyes of the hospital legal department. Hospital staff members have been shocked recently to learn that their Facebook postings and tweets are being followed by “Big Brother”, also known as our friends in risk management and the legal department. But at FunnySurgeryStories.com, they understand both sides and have come up with a great solution.

Stories posted on FunnySurgeryStories.com will be screened, sanitized, HIPAA-fied and certified “totally anonymous” before they ever reach the web, the general public and the legal department. The creators of FunnySurgeryStories.com recognize the staff’s need to blow off steam and their desire not to lose their job in the process.

One of the contributors to the site said it better than FunnySurgeryStories.com ever could, “To my knowledge, the motion picture and television series “M*A*S*H” (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) was the first time the public had seen an O.R. staff laughing during surgery. This was considered taboo; inconceivable to anyone who had never worked in the O.R. or anywhere that you deal with life and death on a daily basis. The reality was and still is that human beings cannot live with this sort of stress on a daily basis without “letting off steam” somehow, some way. “Nurse Jackie” self-medicates. “Hawkeye” self-medicated with his own homemade martinis. But the healthiest way, I ever found was laughter. You have to take your work seriously every moment, moment by moment, and at the same time, not take yourself too seriously. I learned these valuable lessons from the first crew I worked with in the O.R.”

Professionals who work in surgery can vent on FunnySurgeryStories.com. HIPAA compliancy is guaranteed. Patient names, hospital names and contributor names are not what make a story funny or true and the site won’t allow them. Surgeons and Operating Room staff can stay anonymous. FunnySurgeryStories.com will tweet, post and boast for them. And, for their own health, they can laugh more, laugh louder and laugh longer at http://www.FunnySurgeryStories.com.

FunnySurgeryStories.com membership is free. Funny Surgery Stories is on Facebook and Twitter @funsurgstory.


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