August 15, 2005

U.S. Marine opens fire outside Mass. nightclub

BOSTON (Reuters) - A decorated U.S. Marine, who had been
treated for post-war stress since serving in Iraq, opened fire
outside a Massachusetts nightclub, wounding two people, Boston
media reported on Monday.

Daniel B. Cotnoir will be arraigned on Monday on charges of
assault and battery with a deadly weapon and assault with
intent to murder after the incident early on Saturday in the
city of Lawrence, The Boston Globe said.

Cotnoir had complained to police after a crowd of nearly 30
people gathered outside a nightclub and restaurant near his
apartment. After someone hurled a bottle that shattered his
bedroom window, Cotnoir fired "a warning shot," the newspaper

The bullet hit a 15-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man.

"He shot into what he thought was a safe area, but there
was some ricochet effects that Mr. Cotnoir never intended," his
lawyer, Robert F. Kelley, was quoted as saying.

"It was a military-type response to a threatening situation
that was civilian in nature."

Cotnoir, a sergeant awarded the 2005 Marine of the Year by
the Marine Corps Times, has been struggling psychologically
since returning from Iraq in 2004, Kelley said.

Police were not immediately available to comment.