Active CC Boxes Becomes Intelligent Thermal Solutions, Powered by New Leadership Team; Kodiak Cold Chain Containers for Pharmaceuticals and Biologics Re-branded as EcoTherm

August 2, 2011

U.S. maker of five-day temperature-assured and eco-friendly cold chain containers for safely shipping pharmaceuticals and biologics worldwide changes corporate name and rebrands products; announces new leadership team.

Kingsvile, TX (PRWEB) August 01, 2011

Active CC Boxes LLC, U.S. maker of five-day temperature-assured and eco-friendly cold chain containers for safely shipping pharmaceuticals and biologics worldwide, announces a corporate name change to Intelligent Thermal Solutions, LLC, effective immediately.

The new name is supported by a new logo and corporate identity that better reflects the company’s products and reputation, and a rebranding of its products to articulate client benefits.

In addition, a new corporate leadership team selected to implement new market and business development strategies includes:    

  •     President and Chief Executive Officer Richard C. Ellinger, formerly a Chicago-based cold chain consultant and principal at Temperature Assurance Group, and former Global Director of Marketing and Business Development at ThermoSafe Brands. Mr. Ellinger is an expert in healthcare cold chain issues, regulations and compliance, specializing in strategic business development. He holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and is an Executive Advisory Board member and trainer for IQ Pharma’s International Healthcare Conferences. He has also served as a board member for the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers.
  •     Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer John V.W. Howe, formerly Active CC Boxes CEO. Mr. Howe is an authority on the physics of cold chain container design, and U.S. patent- holder. He authors a blog on Cold Chain issues in the pharma and biotech industries, at http://coldchain.cc/
  •     Account Executive Steven R. Kaplan, who was previously a sales executive at Tegrant Diversified Brands. He began his career with Polyfoam Packers Corporation, becoming General Managing Partner.

Aligned with the corporate name change, products formerly known as the Kodiak ATA R36, D36 and R11 containers are now branded as EcoTherm̢Ң R36, D36 and R11. Each container uses the patented IntelliTherm̢Ң technology for precise temperature maintenance over a five-day shipping period, the best in the industry. Using EcoTherm̢Ң containers, pharmaceutical and biologics clients can ship for less cost worldwide with assurance of product efficacy in highly-variable ambient conditions, and the satisfaction that the containers are environmentally-friendly with no disposal or recycling necessary.

“The EcoThermâ“¢ brand name reflects both the environmentally-friendly nature of our containers, and their outstanding ability to hold specific temperature requirements through extended durations,” explained Mr. Ellinger. “Our customers want a greener solution than the current consumable insulated containers in the market today. They also want extended hold time and increased payload. EcoThermâ“¢ containers satisfy all of these important customer needs.”

The science behind EcoTherm̢Ң containers is based on vacuum-insulated panels, an IntellTherm̢Ң temperature regulator, and a Thermal Shield̢Ң , unique in the industry, to ensure the integrity of temperature-critical payloads shipped globally. The container minimizes temperature stratification and maximizes payload volume. Rugged EcoTherm̢Ң containers are reusable for years, so do not contribute profusely to landfills like typical corrugated boxes with polystyrene or urethane insulation.

Intelligent Thermal Solutions’ products are:

  •     The R36, the flagship of the EcoTherm line, with a 36-liter payload capacity ““ more than four times the volume of typical disposable cold chain containers for their size. A patented thermal regulating lid controls the temperature of the payload between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius for more than five days with no power or ice. An optional freeze rack accelerates the freeze time of the R36 lid to under 24 hours, through the use of forced-air convection.
  •     The D36, for customers who ship frozen materials. The D36 is a unique dry ice container with super insulation and reduced dry ice needs. The D36 will maintain temperatures below minus 50 degrees Celsius for up to 5 days, based on the amount of dry ice in the unit, with 36 cubic liters for dry ice and cargo.
  •     The R11, an 11-liter container which uses the IntelliThermâ“¢ patented technology to maintain 2 ““ 8 degrees Celsius for more than five days. Its single-handle carry design makes the container excellent for clinical trials, organ transport and smaller shipments.
  •     FiberFlow packing material, an excellent cushioning product that enables free-flow of air within the cargo area. FiberFlow can be easily customized for specific products packed into an EcoTherm container.     

In addition to purchasing programs, ITS offers customers a convenient rental program at less cost than purchasing competitive passive systems. The receiver of the shipment simply returns the rented containers to depots in New Jersey and Mainz, Germany. New containers arrive on-demand at the customer’s location, fully prepared for loading and shipping. Long term leasing programs are also available for the EcoThermâ“¢ units.

For more information about Intelligent Thermal Solutions products, call 1+ (888) 465-6342, or visit http://www.intelligentthermalsolutions.com.

About Intelligent Thermal Solutions

Intelligent Thermal Solutions is a south Texas company headquartered in Kingsville, TX previously known as Active CC Boxes LLC. ITS manufactures reusable cold chain shipping containers with extended hold times meeting the unique safety needs of pharmaceutical and biologics companies. EcoTherm̢Ң containers overcome the cumbersome limitations of corrugated boxes lined with polystyrene or urethane insulation and filled with dry ice or frozen gel packs. The technology in EcoTherm̢Ң containers was recognized in 2002 with the Dupont Gold Award for packaging design innovation for cold chain, and the 2002 R&D 100 Awards recognizing the 100 most technologically-significant products of 2002.


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