Drug Free Vibe Thrives at this Year’s Vans Warped Tour

August 5, 2011

Youth volunteers from the national drug abuse prevention organization, Natural High, hit a chord with teens at the this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. Attendees went wild for shirts, stickers, and the chance to talk to people their own age about drugs. Two more tour dates on schedule for Natural High (August 10th and 11th). Come see teens encouraging other teens to live Naturally High!

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 04, 2011

Of the thousands of musically obsessed teens attending this summer’s Vans Warped Tour, one can hardly predict that the message they would be taking home is to live drug free. But amidst the bikinis, tattoos, and hard core shrills, there lies a powerful statement reappearing on stickers, shirts, and wristbands throughout the shows; “I Pledge to Live Naturally High”.

So what does “I Pledge to Live Naturally High” really mean and where did it come from? According to Natural High®, the youth centered drug abuse prevention organization that promotes the message, a Natural High is any activity, art form, or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good inside, and does not involve drugs and alcohol. The Natural High Pledge Campaign officially launched at this year’s Vans Warped Tour Southern California Shows as a way to show that not everyone believes in using drugs and alcohol to get high. Youth were asked to voice their choice by pledging to live Naturally High on a giant banner in exchange for a pledge sticker at the Natural High® Booth. They could also get a free “Music is my Natural High” sticker and a skinny bracelet that said “I Chose a Natural High”. The picture to the right was taken in front of the Natural High® Booth at the Ventura Vans Warped Tour at 2:59pm. At 3:00pm the crowd went crazy for the FREE Natural High t-shirts and tanks! “They get a little rowdy,” said 18-year-old Youth Engagement Coordinator, Allura Garis, “I had 30 people following me!”

The Natural High® Booth is being run by teens for teens, with Garis managing eight passionate youth volunteers. Teens were stoked to have people their own age to talk to. They gave hugs and high fives and really opened up about their Natural Highs and peer pressure. There was so much activity at the Booth that employees and performers at the Warped Tour started getting interested in the message as well. “I’ve actually never drank, never smoked, never tried anything,” shares Richie Cordaro, the Non-profit Manager for Warped Tour in PART ONE of the Natural High® Warped Tour Documentary. “It’s kinda weird cause people ask me “Ëœhow do you know if you like it or not if you’ve never tried it?’ And I’m like, I just know it’s not my thing and I’m living a great life without it.” Elinn Media Video Producer, Michael Sutliff, filmed Richie as well as musicians; Matt Greiner of August Burns Red, Levi Benton of Miss May I, and Moving Mountains. On Twitter Levi posted, “Just did a interview about not drinking or doing drugs with @naturalhigh – not everyone in a band is a bad guy!” With these rockers standing behind the message, teens not only witnessed their peers taking a drug free stance, but also the very people they came to see.

At the next two shows, in San Diego (Aug 9th) and Carson (Aug 10th), Stuck with Pins Photographer, Corinne Alexandra, will be taking professional photos of teens in front of the pledge banner with “I Pledge” non-permanent tattoos. Teens will then be able to share their Natural Highs on camera and get their photo off the Natural High Facebook Page after the show. Free Natural High t-shirts will be given away again at 1:00pm and 3:00pm to teens wearing the “Music is my Natural High” sticker. An Ally Burnett CD sampler and posters will also be given away for free at the booth. The Natural High® Booth and Pledge Campaign are just two methods for tackling the overwhelming problem of drug use. Through pictures, merchandise, and video interviews, teens are touching lives with the Natural High message; speaking out as a new generation that wants to live drug free.

For more information, please visit http://www.naturalhigh.org and the “I Choose a Natural High” blog.


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