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August 10, 2011

Ever wish you could learn stress reduction from an award-winning stress management expert? Now visitors can at the new Relaxintuit.com. Nationally acclaimed stress relief facilitator Susie Mantell customizes programs for clients including Citibank, New York Hospital, The Coca-Cola Company, Verizon, and renowned Canyon Ranch Health Resorts. The newly launched Relaxintuit.com offers Mantell’s gentle, effective, drug-free techniques for diminishing symptoms associated with stress and anxiety, depression, caregiving, grief and divorce, as well as sleep tips to soothe insomnia. Mantell is also the author of the award-winning relaxation meditation CD, “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace,” with listeners including The Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The Betty Ford Center… and men and women everywhere who really need a good night’s sleep!

Chappaqua, NY (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

Stress? Insomnia? Recession Woes?

The newly launched Relaxintuit.com provides practical, creative, mind-body stress reduction techniques by nationally acclaimed stress relief facilitator and author Susie Mantell. Relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, sleep deprivation and depression, as well as parenting and work stress, living with chronic illness, cancer, and caregiver stress. Relaxintuit.com offers fresh perspective and gently effective, drug-free tools to diminish day-to-day tension, worry, depression or insomnia, as well as tips to ease the stress of eldercare, addictive disease and worry, in uncertain times. Relaxintuit.com also provides positive strategies for enhancing quality of life, healthy aging, and reducing impediments to peace of mind.

About Susie Mantell

Award-winning author and stress relief expert Susie Mantell creates programs for clients including Fortune 100 companies, distinguished hospitals, world-class spas, and expert witness training. Customizing seminars to meet the unique goals and objectives of diverse clients that include Citibank, New York Hospital, The Coca-Cola Company, National Cancer Survivors Day, and Canyon Ranch, Mantell also provides 1:1 phone consultations by appointment. An insightful facilitator, imaginative and fun, Susie Mantell’s multisensory mind-body stress techniques have been featured on TV, radio, leading magazines and professional trade publications. Offering uncommon skill in assessing stress management needs in individuals and systems, Mantell’s professional expertise, personal integrity, and intuitive ability to guide others toward inner balance, render her a trusted and highly acclaimed resource.

Award-WInning Stress Relief Audiobook (CD)

In response to the pervasive need for quick, effective relaxation tools to relieve insomnia and sleep deprivation, Susie Mantell created the soothing, award-winning guided imagery meditation on CD, “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace.”(“Best Audios Award” ““ Publishers Weekly) With a voice described as “liquid,” Mantell’s warm narration carries listeners into soft, effortless relaxation. Billboard agrees, “For anyone tense from the stress of modern life, here’s a wonderful way to relax.” “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace” (CD) is available for purchase on Relaxintuit.com.

21st Century Stress

Susie Mantell observes, “Today’s recession environment is producing a society in which people are often exhausted, impatient, sleepless — and more than a little cranky.” She adds,”Mother Nature has hard-wired us with a clever stress response system including reserves for emergencies. However, when we sound the alarm habitually, the system is literally ‘stressed’ beyond capacity. Depleted, we become more susceptible to illness, depression, forgetfulness, and even pain.” Relaxintuit.com’s visitors can subscribe to Mantell’s stress tips e-newsletter that arrives three or four times a year.

Businesses Benefit Too

Dan Bradford of Relax Intuitâ“¢LLC observes, “In today’s stressful times, men and women in all walks of life need effective stress relief that’s realistic — and fast! Wise managers understand that in a challenging economy, the success of any business is inextricably linked not only to employees’ expertise, but to their emotional and physical resilience.” Forward-thinking corporations, hospitals, and professional associations invite Susie Mantell to customize stress reduction seminars for their executives and other employees, and provide gift copies of “Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace,”(CD) as a meaningful, cost-effective demonstration of support for their well-being. The Coca-Cola Company appointed Susie Mantell to their 4-person Dasani Wellness Team.

Awards, Honors & Testimonials

“Best Audios Award” – Publishers Weekly

“As Good As It Gets” Issue – Town & Country

“Superb” – The American Pain Society

“Highly Recommended” – Library Journal

“Highly Recommended” – Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

“I highly recommend Susie and her unique gifts to anyone, especially those in high-stress corporate culture.” – Remington, U.S. Personal Care & Wellness Pres., Ann T. Buivid,

“One thing I heard repeatedly was how ‘real’ you were in conveying the information. You made it accessible, fun, and really responded to the needs of our staff.” – Canyon Ranch Medical, Health & Healing Dept. Executive Director, Demie Stathoplos

Based in Chappaqua, NY, Relax Intuitâ“¢LLC is a highly ethical provider of drug-free, mind-body stress management techniques and wellness resources. Relaxintuit.com and Susie Mantell’s work are to be used as an adjunct to, never a substitute for, professional health care. Visitors should always consult their own licensed medical and mental health professionals regarding any practice or suggestion that might in any way affect an individual’s health or safety.

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